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Bond with the Divine

Who is God?


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Importance of the Heart - Sri Bhagavan




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Багаван о мукти (просветлении) // Bhagavan on mukti (enlightenment)

Отличия просветленного от святого


Учение Багавана для пробуждения




Importance of Awakening - Sri Bhagavan

What is Enlightenment?

An Enlightened state - The result of Deeksha

Need for Enlightenment

What Goes Away When I Awaken?

Fear & Awakening

II. Enlightenment & Deeksha

From weekly teachings The Awakened One...

Who is God?

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22/10/2011 16:20

Багаван об отношениях с родителями


Багаван о понимании в отношениях


Багаван о принятии



Kas yra mirtis? Kodėl bijome mirties? Apie vienišumo jausmą

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Kas yra kančia? Kas vyksta, kai kenčiame?

23/10/2011 12:31

Что происходит когда мы проживаем страдание



Question: Bhagavan give us more clarity of suffering is not in the fact but theperception.



See do animals have suffering at all? They do not have suffering except for a very, very short while. They have physical pain. If you beat an animal it has got physical pain and for a short term it may be very angry with you. Now after sometime it's no more angry with you because animals have only short term memory. They don't have long term memory. 

Whereas we have long term memory and therefore, we go on thinking about an incident. Thinking about that incident is what gives you suffering. 
Suppose somebody comes and gives you a fine slap. Now, what has happened? The hand has hit this side. It's hot here for a few minutes. That's all. So where is the problem? You can think of it as some kind of good exercise for your cheeks, for your head and then go about it.
But then you are thinking, who is that rogue who hit you, why did he hit you, how to get back at him, how to punch him, all the things that happened. 
That's what we call suffering. The fact is simple. Just one hand came and hit your cheeks or somebody kicked you in the back. That's all. So many times you've fallen down. So what? But why are you making such a big fuss out of it. 
Because that memory is there and what is memory? Memory is a flow of thought and thought is the culprit. Thought always makes mischief. It always creates trouble. It survives by comparing. 
So thought is the root cause of all trouble and therefore it creates suffering by converting that fact into a perception. But then if you live a life of inner integrity you could stop it. 
If you lead the life of inner integrity thought itself may stop. It may come only when required or even if it comes it would only be formal functional thought: this light is burning, switch it there, switch it off like this, put it this way. 
That kind of thought would be there, not going on thinking about what has happened either in the past or what is going to happen in the future. You would just be in the present.
In the present you cannot think. Conversely, you can think of the past or the future. The present is a living experience. There is no thought at all. But, you've got into this habit. Like lying, this thinking has become a habit. Non-stop you're thinking. So all the time thinking, thinking, thinking, which is a waste of energy. 
That's why very often you feel tired, you can't enjoy life because of non-stop thinking. So what's the point of that thinking? So if all this must stop, you have to go back to inner integrity.
Similarly, I told you, all the time you are speaking lies and if you speak the truth, you would destroy society. But if you don't speak the truth you will lead a life of lies which has its own harmful effects. 
So how do we handle the situation? Well at first we have to move into inner integrity. If you move into inner integrity you can be honest as well as not disturb society. That's why we're trying to teach you inner integrity.
So that is the truth if you want to speak lies. If you want to stop speaking lies you have to practice inner integrity. And as lies reduce there is no need for thoughts to go on working like this. 
The thoughts are so full of lies from the ego going on thinking, continuously covering up things because if it does not go on thinking, the truth will be exposed and you do not want to see the truth about yourself. You do not realize that while you know so much about the other person you know very little about yourself. 
You know very little about yourself, but you seem to know so much about others and the fact is if you look into yourself you know what you'll find there? Everybody wants to think nicely about themselves, to think good about themselves.
You don't like the feeling of feeling guilty, feeling bad. So everything is nicely decorated. All that rubbish in you is nicely decorated. It's all hiding inside. That is your problem. You've never seen yourself. 
Speaking lies to somebody is ok, but speaking lies to yourself destroys you. And then you'll come out a liberated being. You'll be as free as the bird that is flying in the skies, so totally free you'll become. But you have to practice inner integrity. The only tool is inner integrity.

Sukūrė: Debra Apsara



You are the teacher and your -self- is teaching

25/10/2011 09:18

Vaizdo įrašas čia:


Question: You tell us that inner integrity is fundamental for spiritual awakening.

But when we practice it we see that we are the same selfish person as we were. Then how will this practice help us to contribute to our awakening? In spite of the process and teachings we find more and more ugliness. Reality shows us that what we love today is what we betray tomorrow. Then how do we stop this ugliness from affecting our condition to move forward? How do we make our heart flower instead of withering away?

Bhagavan: You see that exactly is the problem. You already condemn this ugliness. And you are saying it must change. How did you go from here? It's all the wrong questions. All that we are saying is: it is neither ugliness nor is it beautiful. That is the problem. The mind is divisive in nature because mind is nothing but a flow of a thought. And what is thought? Thought is measurement. What do you do with measurement? You divide.

It is dividing as the ugly and the beautiful. It is saying this should not be there that must happen. That's where you are caught up. That is exactly what the teaching is telling: please understand the content is never important! Whatever be the content that is of no consequence. It is not 'your' content or 'his' content. It is a content in collective consciousness. It is just there. All that we are telling is please don't try to tamper with it.

What is inner integrity? Inner integrity is just seeing what is there. Not trying to condemn it as good or bad, right or wrong or giving explanations or saying how should it be in 2012? What should I change? I am still self-centered. I am still ugly. I am still struggling. Who asks you to struggle? Who asks you to change? Not at all.


All that we are telling is please see what is going on. It's very alive inside you. From moment to moment it's changing. It's as alive as an ocean. The waves are coming up and down. Your waves - all waves go away. Similarly thoughts are coming - going away. Emotions are coming - they are going away,

Personalities emerging and they are going away. Whole drama is taking place inside you. You are nothing but the universe. We are just saying: please don't condemn it. Don't try to change it. There is selfishness. Yes. It is not 'your' selfishness. It is not 'his' selfishness. It is selfishness.

Suffering is not 'your' suffering. Suffering is suffering whether you have it or he has it. We are all one. It's just there with us for millions of years. And it will be so until the brain changes.

So, you are selfish. Yes. That's the truth. You are rubbish pits and septic tanks. You are a rubbish pit and someone else is septic tank. That is what we have in the collective consciousness. It is there. You have gathered it over millions of years. Nothing we can do about it.

I am not asking you to become saints. Not at all! I want you to become sages. Who is a sage? He doesn’t think what is right or wrong. He is just responds to life - that's all. He could be violent in a moment he could be a peaceful another moment.

He could help you a moment he cannot help you another moment. He is just responding to situations as they arise. He sees perfect action. You cannot call it good action or bad action or right or wrong. He just responds. And he does not go back and think whether is a right thing or a wrong thing. He keeps responding. He is just seeing what is going on. The content is not important for him.

So please just look at your ugliness. And then soon you stop calling it ugly. It could look very beautiful also. What looks useful could look ugly also. Therefore you must take a neutral stand. Not that you take a neutral stand. It must become neutral. Not that you behave like an enlightened one. No. You have to be enlightened.

Not that you behave like an awakened person and you put in effort. If you do that you will never get there. The problem with you is you attend level 1, level 2, this and that and then all of that becomes concepts.

And then you want to get there. You want to achieve that. And then you are doomed. There is nothing to achieve, nowhere to go. Everything is perfect. See things are perfect.

And what will help you? Inner integrity. As you go deeper and deeper it becomes easier and easier. And that is very enjoyable because conflict ceases. Because inner integrity is just seeing what is there. You don' t lie to yourself. It’s ok to lie to somebody.

But the problem is you are often lying to yourself. Nonstop lying is going on to yourself because you don't want to see what is there because you think it is ugly. Who said it's ugly? Some teacher? Some scripture? Well, you have nothing to do with that. It's just there. That's all.

That is the truth. How can you play with the truth? You cannot tamper with the truth. The truth is that, yes you are selfish. But why do you call it selfish? Why do you name it selfish? Why do you say it's bad? It's just there. And you are not in control.

So if you would go deeper it all becomes natural it all becomes automatic. There is no need to change. What happens then? Please do it and see. If I tell you something it will again lead you to a concept. Just do it - it's not difficult. Start with your breath go inside and go inside just see what's going on.

Don't read any scripture or any teaching - not even my teaching. Just see what is going on. That's all. You are the teacher. And the teaching is your self. It's there right inside you the teaching. That is real teaching what's going on. Nothing more.

So if I give you a teaching and you make it a concept you are not going to get anywhere. I am just giving you some help. That's all. Teachings must come from inside from your observation from what you see. Then you must speak it out. Then you will see it has got power.

Love you all. Namaste. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Apie Indijos vienybės universitetą (Oneness University)

22/10/2011 16:29

The Oneness University

Багаван о миссии движения


Интервью с Аммой

Учение Багавана для пробуждения

Oneneess University in India

Oneness University in Italy

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Духовная Энергия (Разум внутри природы)

Ištrauka iš filmo "Celestine Prophecy" (rus. Селестинское Пророчество)

Селестинское Пророчество - духовный фильм, приключения ведущие хронику открытия древних свитков в тропических лесах Перу. Пророчество и его девять ключевых пониманий предсказывают международное пробуждение, возникающее в пределах всех религиозных традиций, который перемещает человечество к более глубокому опыту духовности.


Духовная реальность – Путь к себе

Этот околочасовой фильм является своего рода базовым для тех, кто только ступил на тернистый Путь Познания Духа (познания, в первую очередь, самого себя) и для тех, кто уже прошёл немалую его часть и хочет укрепиться не только одной Верой, но и Осознанием. Приятного просмотра.


Сияющие чакры / Illuminated Chakras (2004)

Сияющие чакры (Чакры в цвете)/ILLUMINATED CHAKRAS позволяет увидеть и испытать тонкие энергии, которые до сих пор только были описаны. Это волнующее путешествие доставит Вам много чувств, путешествие в трансформационный внутренний мир. Следуйте пути Кундалини - Шакти, мистического змея, который управляет жизненной силой, которое пробуждает сознание в каждой чакре. Путешевствуйте из корня в корону в этой фантастический звуковой и световой экстраваганзе и испытайте опыт каждой чакры элементарной реальности -- как земля, вода, огонь, воздух, звук, свет, и трансцендентального сознания.

Filmas anglų kalba: Illuminated Chakras


Mirties vaivorykštės koanai
1. Raudoną čakrą blokuoja baimė. Mirties baimėje miršta fizinis-žemės kūnas, nes baimė sustingo žemę.
2. Oranžinę čakrą blokuoja kaltė. Liūdesyje miršta emocinis-džiaugsmo-vandens kūnas, nes liūdesys užtvenkia vandenį. Dingsta gyvenimo skonis.
3. Geltoną čakrą blokuoja pyktis. Beprasmybėje miršta mentalinis-ugninis kūnas – protas, nes beprasmybė užgesina ugnį. Beprasmybėje sustoja gyvenimo veikla.
4. Žalią čakrą blokuoja kančia. Kančioje miršta astralinis-meilės-erdvinis-oro kūnas, nes kančia uždusina orą. Be meilės žmogus uždusta kaip be oro.
5. Žydrą čakrą blokuoja melas. Melo tuštybėje miršta eterinis-informacinis-ketinimo kūnas, nes melas užblokuoja ketinimą ir iškreipia informaciją.
6. Indigo/mėlyną čakrą blokuoja iliuzija. Iliuzijoje miršta dvasinis kūnas, nes nematome būties vibracijos („Tiesos“). Štai kodėl žmogus, norėdamas būti dvasiškai gyvas, ieško „Tiesos“.
7. Violetinė čakra: šviesos-sielos kūnas visada yra begalybėje ir
Gyvybės vaivorykštės koanai
1. Raudona čakra: Aš žemės gyvybę įkvėpdamas jaunėju. (Fizinį žmogaus kūną maitina žemės gyvybinė energija)
2. Oranžinė čakra: Aš džiaugsmo vandenį skanaudamas kuriu. (Gurmaniškas maistas per šešis skonius maitina džiaugsmo-emocinį kūną. Vadinasi, galima valgyti viską, kas suteikia didžiausią džiaugsmą ir neblokuoja žemės gyvybinės energijos.)
3. Geltona čakra: Aš ugninę mintį regėdamas kalbu. (Prasminga veikla maitina protą-mentalinį kūną)
4. Žalia čakra: Aš meilės erdvę lytėdamas dėkoju.
5. Žydra čakra: Aš nuoširdų ketinimą laiminu.
6. Indigo/mėlyna čakra: Aš būties lauką intuityviai matydamas vibruoju.
7. Violetinė čakra: Aš šviesos begalybę vydėdamas esu. ***



"Chakra Healing Chants - Sophia" Ganapataye

Chakra Healing Chants - Sophia

On negative emotions

27/10/2011 20:00


How Deekshas Work with Chakras~~ A Neuro-Biological Process

Look at your life

27/10/2011 20:21
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