Klausimai - atsakymai

Klausimas: Bhagavan, mūsų šalyje yra daugybė kursų, kuriuos galime lankyti. Įvairių rūšių gydymo, meditacijos, jogos kursai ir t.t. Kuo ši palaiminimo dikša (deeksha) tokia ypatinga ir išskirtinė?

Šri Bhagavan: Daugelis kursų gydo programas sąmoningame minčių lygyje, tuo tarpu realios problemos yra ne sąmoningame lygyje. Palaiminimo dikša veikia pasąmoningame lygyje ir šiame lygyje keičia programas. Štai čia yra skirtumas.


Question :- Bhagavan, in our country we have a lot of courses we can attend. All kinds of healing, meditation, yoga courses etc. What makes deeksha so special and different?

SRI BHAGAVAN: Most courses heal programs in the conscious mind whereas the real problems are in the unconscious, Deeksha works on the unconscious by changing programs in the unconscious. That is the difference.


Awakening into Oneness Excerpt: Shri Bhagavan’s interview with Arjuna Ardag  


What is Deeksha?

Deeksha is the phenomenon where the divine reaches out to man and the person who is giving deeksha is making himself or herself available to the divine and he becomes an instrument. It looks like in the last two years there is been greater divine intervention in human lives and that is the phenomenon of the deeksha. Probably the best word used to be other word phenomenon. It is a phenomenon.


Could explain significance subjective experience during the deeksha?

I think there are basically three factors involved. One is the person receiving the deeksha. Another is the person giving the deeksha. Third is divine itself. We have noticed sometimes people who we thought would make very little progress making dramatic progress. We heard instances of people sleeping through courses and become enlightened. So we really cannot comment on the person you know. It is also depends upon the person who is giving deeksha and then there is of course divine which is the ultimate source of all this and whatever the divine decides it happens. We have had people who might call immoral people, people who are not right kind people to receive deeksha. But, they ended up as the most transformed people. So, we really could not judge on those matters. But, we can as a rule say that it depends upon how receptive you are, what your beliefs are, what your conditions and the quality of the person giving deeksha and the above what divine chooses for the day and for the person.


So, what we can say to somebody who is receiving deeksha but not feeling bless, not feeling love, feeling unpleasant memories unpleasant feelings? 

Yes, we would recommend to them that they must continue deeksha’s till they get a breakthrough. So, this is often a cleansing process and very soon they would be out of it.


Now, you also said, deeksha itself a kind of intelligence. It knows where it has to go. There are three things occurring. The intelligence of the deeksha, where it wants to go, also the intent of the deeksha receiver, intent of deeksha giver. What happens if all these don’t match up? Deeksha intelligence going one way and intent in another way which one will be senior?

Deeksha would be senior. But, the effect is reduced up. Let us say you are a doctor and you know that the heart has got to be opened up. That is your intent. Now, How to open up the heart is you have no idea. But, deeksha’s intelligence knows how to open up the heart. So, it works. Suppose in case you do not know still it is there open up, may not be fully you know. Your strong intent whole this heart is open up. So, deeksha goes in exactly that. How it does that; it has intelligence.


Could you give some tips how to create good, effective intent?

For that the heart has to flower. You have to learn listen to other person. Really feel for him. Somebody comes says about financial problems. You must put yourself in his shoes. See what exactly he is suffering? And what he wants and then you become empathizes with him. Then only you give deeksha, not say to way jump and give a deeksha. Just make your time, listen to him, meet his family and make feel for his family and then go and give a deeksha. Heart plays a key role. Merely takes it in the head, but there is no warmth in the heart. Then deeksha is not going to be really effective.


When we say big heart, some deeksha givers feel we don’t have big heart. How can we make heart bigger?

For that he has to go and receive the deeksha for getting a big heart. Deeksha can really open up the heart and then you go back and give deeksha’s.


If you want to have deeksha to make more money Tony Robbins would be the best(with smile). Some others inferior deeksha givers. Is this good way to look?

If the deeksha giver himself or herself is enlightened or an very high state of consciousness. The deeksha’s are in fact very different. Deeksha givers, who can put into the state of love, those who can put you into the state of joy, those who can put you into the state of silence, so we have different specialist deeksha givers here. The person who is giving does really matter.


Do you feel that there is anyone who should not receive deeksha at all for some reason?

Basically we cannot judge people you know. If you bring somebody and say this person is the devil himself. We are certainly not going to judge him. In that sense we never felt this person should not be given deeksha, that person should not be given deeksha. But, we have felt it; may be this person is more qualified to receive than him you know that kind of thoughts we have had. But, certainly we never condemned this person is no good. We just cannot think like that. It’s not possible.


Bhagavan, when someone is receiving deeksha may be first time or after few times, what is the best disposition to bring to the deeksha? For example, you mention already intention. Is it always good to bring an intension to deeksha? Is it good to have some silence before the deeksha? Is that some way we can help deeksha to be effective through the right disposition?

If people are open minded and if you fairly good relationships especially with your parents deeksha’s are bound to be very effective. In case if you had bad relationship with your mother or father the deeksha’s seem to stop half way. It doesn’t seem to work beyond that. Unless, we work on you. We set right relationship and once again repeat the deeksha. So from experience we have found that the most crucial factor is; once relationship with once parents. If that were fine deeksha’s are really powerful.



Question :-  Where does Grace come from? From God, from Antaryamin or from you Sri Bhagavan?


Sri Bhagavan :- 

See, you have to understand what God is. God is not a person. God is absolute; it is in everything and everywhere. God is also Antaryamin (the god residing in every being). Antaryamin is also the absolute God, all powerful God. Antaryamin has no form. But you can cast it in a form of your liking and it will take on that personality. It is not that Antaryamin is a person inside. No. There is no person there in you either, there are only personalities. Same with God as Antaryamin, it can have many personalities. The personalites it can take are all the God Realized Awakened Beings that has ever lived on this Earth. That is the personalities it takes. It can take many different ones, not just one or two.


Now, if you don’t like that, you can cast Antaryamin as Light and talk to it, have a living relationship to that Light. Still if you dont like that, you choose a form you like and go from there. But for Awakening to happen there must be a strong bond with your God inside. How you relate to that is entirely your business. As a Mother, Father, friend or whatever else.


But in it’s natural state Antaryamin has no form, you are designing that".